Neural Network, NO2 and aerosol height retrievals at the next 20th OMI Science Team Meeting at NASA, USA

© Rendering of Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) on board of AURA in flight (Source:

The 20th OMI Science Team Meeting will be held at NASA Goddard in Greenbelt MD, USA from Tuesday September 12 through Thursday September 14, 2017. With nearly 14 years of data and the impending launch of TROPOMI on board-Sentinel-5 Precursor, there is much to discuss within the OMI (& TROPOMI) team and user community regarding the current state of OMI, trends and longer-terms records, comparisons with (satellite) data sets, and the validation of OMI data. This meeting will highlight recent OMI results as well as address research plans and program goals for the coming year.

On Tuesday afternoon, at 14:00 during the aerosol – cloud session, I will have the great opportunity to present the status of our activities. In particular, focus will be on the development, application and validation of the OMI aerosol layer height retrieval based on a neural network (i.e. machine learning) approach, and the correction of aerosol radiation effects in the OMI tropospheric NO2 observations.

Gotten curious? See you there then!


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