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Canada wildfires from space and ground – Seeing beyond the flames: a series of observations

UK & EU’s Earth observation space – COPERNICUS – No Brexit!

Wildfires in French Mediterranean region observed from MODIS

Night lights and air pollution – Similar patterns seen from space?

Homepage updates

Counting down towards the launch of TROPOMI

Volcanic ‘plumerang’ or boomerang-like return of a volcanic plume with potential health-risk in Iceland

5 days of large exposure of OMI, TROPOMI and air quality innovation developments from GRS & KNMI at the TU Delft research exhibition 2017

OMI, TROPOMI & air quality activities at the TU Delft 2017 Research exhibition – The largest scientific expo of the Netherlands – 06-08 June 2017

New KNMI brochure on atmospheric satellite activities, with some GRS TU Delft projects

Europe day: no atmospheric space activity without European collaboration

Dust storm next to the Death Valley park (USA) – An example of aerosol transport!

Global ammonia hot-spots revealed by AIRS!

Volcanoes on Sentinel-2 and OMI satellites watch – First global emission maps!

Satellites and atmosphere pollution measurements – 2 nice videos!

Urban Air Quality symposium in Delft – Presentations on-line!

Impressive Chile wildfire smoke from satellite GOME2!

New paper published! OMI aerosol height over land from the O2-O2 visible absorption band, based on neural networks

EU concerned about air and water pollution: an example with the Netherlands

A large SO2 pollution in Iraq observed from space

President Obama explains how air pollution affects our planet

New UNICEF report – Clear the air for children