Event highlights

A list of events (e.g. seminar organizations, research campaigns, expositions, etc…) to which I contributed or was associated with my colleagues:



TU Delft research exhibition 2017, Special edition celebrating 175 years of TU Delft and innovation, The largest scientific exposition of the Netherlands, Improved tropospheric NO2 and aerosol retrievals from OMI satellite, 06-08 June 2017, Delft, the Netherlands. WebBlog

Urban Air Quality symposium co-organisator and co-chairman: by the department of Geoscience & Remote Sensing (GRS), TU Delft, Climate Delft Institute and KNMI, in Delft, the Netherlands, 2017.02.17. Organisers: Prof. Dr. Pieternel F. Levelt, co-organisers: Julien Chimot, Dr. Pepijn Veefkind, Jiyunting Sun, Prof. Dr. Herman Russchenberg, co-chaired by Dr. Pepijn Veefkind & Julien Chimot. WebBlog



TU Delft research exhibition 2016, Improved tropospheric NO2 in presence of fine particles from OMI satellite, 2016.06.02, Delft, the Netherlands (by Dr. Tim Vlemmix).

NO2 measurements from ground-based mini MAX-DOAS on TU Delft parking, campaign prepared and led by Dr. Tim Vlemmix, Delft, the Netherlands, 2016.02.