External collaborators

Here is a (non exhaustive) list of past and present colleagues with whom I have had the pleasure and privilege to collaborate on different projects & from whom I (really) learned a lot. Since our collaborations and their work have strongly influenced the activities I currently perform, sometimes still in collaboration, I would like to acknowledge them and their work:


Dr. Pascal Prunet: Pascal has a strong expertise in Thermal InfraRed sounders (IASI), trace gas remote sensing and estimation methods for atmospheric retrievals. As leader of the group Atmospheric physics and Chemistry and then space department leader at Noveltis company during 18 years (until December 2016), he developed multiple key activities and a recognized research and development engineer team. He now works at Spascia company in Labege, France.

My initial and grateful mentor in the atmospheric trace gas remote sensing satellite field and provided me with high motivations and useful skills for taking responsibilities in scientific activity. 5 years of successful collaborations through projects at Noveltis (2008-2013).

Dr. Claude Camy-Peyret: Researcher  Institut Pierre SImon Laplace (IPSL), University Pierre Marie Curie (UPMC). Molecular spectroscopy expert (e.g. H2O, O3), trace gas measurements from experiment balloons, development & validation of atmospheric radiative transfer models. Strongly involved in the atmospheric Thermal Infrared IASI mission, IASI-balloon, co-PI of the ESA Earth Explorer 2009 mission named TRAQ  (TRopospheric composition and Air Quality).

Enjoyable, passionate, internationally recognized and very rigorous scientific collaborator through diverse and fruitful atmospheric projects achieved with Noveltis.

Dr. Francois-Marie Breon: Climate and remote sensing researcher at the French “Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement – Environment & climate science research laboratory” (LSCE). He has focused on the exploitation of satellite observations to better understand the Earth’s climate, its energy budget and in-depth understanding the carbon cycle. He contributed to the writing of the 5th IPCC report and the associated summary report. Convinced of the on-going warming climate process and the consequences, he is pro-active in informing public, promoting actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and replacing fossil-fuel resources.

Great partner on projects related to atmospheric CO2 observation from space, either led by or shared with Noveltis, between 2010 and 2013: e.g. Requirements for CO2 monitoring by Sentinel-5LOGOFLUX, or others (MicroCarb, GOSAT, etc…)

Dr. Olivier Lezeaux: Expert scientist in atmospheric retrieval techniques from Thermal Infrared passive sensors (e.g. IASI, MTG-IRS, MicroCarb, GOSAT). In particular, deep knowledge of variational Bayesian approach such as the Optimal estimation method (OEM), information content analysis, uncertainty characterization, and optimal spectral channel selection.

Initial inspirer for studying the atmospheric retrieval techniques, methodologies and understanding the information content of a satellite hyper-spectral measurement. Hope to reach his retrieval expertise level in the future.

Dr. Michael Buchwitz & Dr. Heinrich Bovensmann:

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Dr. Emmanuel Dufour:

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Dr. Andrzej Klonecki:

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