Our group in Delft

Atmospheric Remote Sensing / Trace gases group, Geoscience & Remote Sensing department (GRS), Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), the Netherlands


Current research group members & students:

Msc Julien Chimot: See Who am I?

Prof.dr. P.F. (Pieternel) Levelt: Principal Investigator (PI) of OMI (Ozone Monitoring Instrument) on the NASA EOS Aura satellite, head of the Research & Development Satellite Observations department at KNMI, professor of remote sensing of the atmosphere at TU Delft.

Dr. J.P. (Pepijn) Veefkind: Principal Investigator (PI) of TROPOMI (Tropospheric Monitoring Instrument) on the Sentinel-5 Precursor satellite mission, deputy PI of OMI (Ozone Monitoring Instrument) on the NASA EOS Aura satellite, affiliated with KNMI and  the GRS department.

Prof.dr.ir. H.W.J. (Herman) Russchenberg: Full professor & head of Atmospheric Remote Sensing group, head of the GRS Department,and Director of the TU Delft Climate Institute.

Gijs van Ouwerker, Bsc student Applied Earth Sciences – Honours programme (2017-): in the frame of his Bsc programme, Gijs is analysing CALIOP and MODIS satellite aerosol observations over biomass burning episodes. The idea is to understand how well 2 different satellite techniques (active vs. passive) can probe thick smoke layers. Supervised by Msc. Julien Chimot.

Previous research group members & students:

Eva Stierman, Msc student GRS (2017-): Eva worked, through her Msc thesis, on the evaluation of the water products from Sentinel-3. Among other things, she focuses on the accuracy of the atmosphere correction (i.e. aerosol scattering and trace gas absorption). Coordinated by Deltares (Dr. Marieke Eleveld), Rijkswaterstraat & GRS – TU Delft.

Jerry Ge, Msc student GRS (2016): Jerry worked on NO2 airborne observations with the Tropolite sensor during his Msc thesis coordinated by Dr. Tim Vlemmix. Now, he is research fellow (PhD) at the university of Wageningen.

Jiyuntig Sun, Msc student GRS (2016): Jiyuntig developed fine-scale simulations of NO2, based on a LES approach, during her Msc thesis supervised by Dr. Tim Vlemmix. She is now at KNMI working as research fellow (PhD) with Dr. J. Pepijn Veefkind.

Jasper Snoek, Bsc student Applied Earth Sciences – TU Delft (2016): Jasper compared tropospheric NO2 observations from a ground-based MAX-DOAS instrument and a new TNO prototype under the coordination of Dr. Tim Vlemmix..

Corné Verhoeven, Bsc student (2016): Corné worked on measuring tropospheric NO2 and aerosols in India during his Bsc project, coordinated by Dr. Tim Vlemmix.