Past activities

On this page, most of the projects where I was involved are listed. For some of them, more details are available by clicking on the associated links.


During my time at the NOVELTIS company (Earth observation R&D company, Labege Innopole, France), I was involved in several projects ordered by space agencies or research laboratories, and achieved by NOVELTIS. These projects were focused on satellite remote sensing for atmosphere, and for a few of them, for oceanography.

My last day at NOVELTIS company (Labege Innopole, France) surrounded by CEO Dr. Richard Bru (on my left) and all my colleagues – Farewell & acknowledgements for all these years of successful projects.

List of the main projects involved as proposal & project manager, and consortium coordinator with the customers indicated in bold:

  • CarboCount – Work package on the development of CO2 – Carbon dioxode surface fluxes inverse modelling algorithm over forest areas (regional scale) and design of an optimized in situ observation system in support of local users KIC CLIMATE – LSCE
  • SIROCCO – Development and assessment of CO – Carbon monoxide and CH4 – Methane retrieval algorithms through ShortWave InfraRed (SWIR) and Thermal InfraRed (TIR) spectral synergy ESA

““ Synergistic SWIR and IR retrievals of near-surface concentrations of CH4 and CO for Earth and Planetary atmospheres” was an ESA contract study (ESA contract number 4000107088) started in November 2012 and finished in December 2014. The consortium was led by …” more details here

LOGOFLUX (1st & 2nd project) was an ESA contract study from 2012 to 2014 and with the main objective of evaluating the green-house gas (GHG) surface flux estimate capabilities from the CarbonSat mission. The consortium was led by…” more details here

“Requirements for CO2 monitoring by Sentinel-5” was an ESA contract study (ESA contract number 4000103801) finished in March 2012 and with the main objective of evaluating the capabilities of the Sentinel-5-UVNS sensor in a view of CO2 monitoring. The consortium was led by…” more details here

  • CarboSphere – Assessment of several remote sensing observation systems to detect and quantify anthropogenic CO2 – Carbon dioxode emissions, from regional to local scales in France (orbitography analysis) Thales Alenia Space


List of the main projects involved as R&D engineer with the customers indicated in bold:

  • Spectral calibration of GOSAT TANSO-FTS measurements and CO2 – Carbon dioxode total column retrieval over coincident TCCON sites CNES
  • Analyses of trace gas (CO – Carbon monoxide / O3 – Ozone) impacts on temperature and H2O retrievals from synthetic MTG-IRS spectra EUMETSAT
  • Compression algorithm development based on Principal Components Analysis (PCA) approach and impact analyses on chemistry satellite missions CNES – EUMETSAT
  • Sensitivity analyses of IASI spectral calibration over heterogeneous scenes CNES
  • Altimeter waveform simulations based on the Brown & Haynes model CNES
  • Retrievals of altimeter parameters (sea surface height, sea wave height and instrument angle), using neural network algorithms, from JASON-1 measurements CNES-CLS
  • Development of an ocean colour observation operator – Application to SeaWifs and MERIS missions, INSEA project European Union FP6

See paper Clive Banks et al., (2011) here

  • Comparison of remote sensing altimeter measurements to in situ measurements (tide gages in Corsica) – In situ inter-calibration over remote sites from satellites tracks CNES

See paper Cancet et al., (2012) here

2008.01 – 2008.07

Intern, NOVELTIS company (Earth observation R&D company, Labege Innopole, France), Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry team, supervised by Dr. Pascal Prunet

Atmospheric remote sensing from IASI over heterogeneous surfaces:

  • Evaluation of a surface classification scheme devoted to IASI observations over heterogeneous scenes by analyzing AVHRR imager radiances
  • Retrieval of temperature profile, H2O and CO2 – Carbon dioxode total columns from IASI spectra, acquired over heterogeneous surfaces, based on the optimal estimation method (OEM)


2007.05 – 2007.06

Intern, CESBIO (land surface research laboratory), Toulouse, France under the guidance of Pr. Dr. Richard Escadafal, IRD

Land surface and vegetation remote sensing over dry areas

  • Improvement of vegetation classifications over land, in the case of low vegetation covert
  • Focus on North Africa in the context of fight against desertification
  • Application of NDVI vegetation index to satellite images: Spot Vegetation, MERIS and MODIS