Our group in Delft

Atmospheric Remote Sensing / Trace gases, Geoscience & Remote Sensing department (GRS), Delft …” More details here

Satellite department at KNMI

Our GRS – TU Delft group benefits from great supports of the Research & Development Satellite Observations department, The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), De Bilt, the Netherlands. Here is a list (non exhaustive) of the main colleagues with whom I use to exchange and collaborate on a regular basis” More details here

Teaching collaborators

In addition to my research group members at GRS – TU Delft, here is a list of with whom I have collaborated for teaching and education activities” More details here

External collaborators

Here is a (non exhaustive) list of past and present colleagues with whom I have had the pleasure and privilege to collaborate on different projects & from whom I (really) learned a lot. Since our collaborations and their work have strongly influenced the activities I currently perform, sometimes still in collaboration, I would like to acknowledge them and their work…” More details here