Satellite missions

A list of the posted blogs related to “Satellite missions” category, from the most recent to the 1st:

Canada wildfires from space and ground – Seeing beyond the flames: a series of observations

UK & EU’s Earth observation space – COPERNICUS – No Brexit!

Water quality from space – Measurement campaign along Dutch monitoring lines by Eva Stierman

Wildfires in French Mediterranean region observed from MODIS

Night lights and air pollution – Similar patterns seen from space?

Improved temperature dataset from satellites show a faster warming of our climate

Vesc 2017 fieldwork – Land cover classification with Sentinel-2 – successfully finished!

Seasonal vegetation cycle in France, Vercors, observed with Sentinel-2 by TU Delft students – Vesc 2017 Fieldwork

Counting down towards the launch of TROPOMI

OMI, TROPOMI & air quality activities at the TU Delft 2017 Research exhibition – The largest scientific expo of the Netherlands – 06-08 June 2017

Vesc field-campaign 2017 – Sentinel-2 false colour composites close to Vercors area

Vesc field-campaign Land cover classification with Sentinel-2 – Ready to start in 1 week with TU Delft Bsc students!

Fighting carbon emissions from space – A clear presentation video from American OCO-2 PI

New KNMI brochure on atmospheric satellite activities, with some GRS TU Delft projects

Europe day: no atmospheric space activity without European collaboration

EPA website update… Climate facts & personal opinions

Aerosols, clouds, and our OMI work at the 3rd NASA A-Train symposium!

TROPOMI in Delta TU Delft magazine

Volcanoes on Sentinel-2 and OMI satellites watch – First global emission maps!

Satellites and atmosphere pollution measurements – 2 nice videos!

Impressive Chile wildfire smoke from satellite GOME2!