Teaching collaborators

In addition to my research group members at GRS – TU Delft, here is a list of colleagues with whom I have collaborated for teaching and education activities:

Dr. Roderik Lindenbergh (left) and Msc. Julien Chimot (right) during the Vesc fieldwork campaign, with TU Delft Bsc students, in June 2014.

Dr. Roderik Lindenbergh: Assistant professor at the GRS department and TU Delft. His research focuses on in Laser Ranging; Interpolation Techniques. Principal lecturer of the course “Geostatistics and Remote Sensing” and associated Remote sensing part of the Vesc fieldwork, Bachelor 2nd year Bachelor program Applied Earth Sciences.

Drs. J.C. (Jan-Kees) Blom: Full time lecturer at the Geoscience & Engineering department of TU Delft. Responsible of teaching, Structural Geology, Fieldwork & Excursions in the BSc and MSc programmes in Applied Earth Sciences. Leader of the whole Vesc fieldwork.

R.J.G. (Remi) Charton, MSc: Research fellow candidate (PhD) in Applied Geology at the department of Geoscience & Engineering, TU Delft. His expertise includes Geology, petroleum geology, sedimentology, and seismic interpretation. Geology teaching assistant in the Vesc fieldwork.

David Kunst, Msc: Master science candidate in Geo-Engineering, teaching assistance on geology topic during the Vesc fieldwork.

Adriaan van Natijne: Master science candidate in Geoscience & Remote Sensing (GRS), supports on the preparation of Sentinel-2 data sets (download, + atmospheric correction) for Vesc field-campaign 2017.

Dr. Joep E.A. Storms: Associate professor at the Geoscience & Engineering department of TU Delft. MSc coordinator Specialization Reservoir Geology.  Researcher on fluvial, deltaic and coastal depositional processes, predominantly on the complex interaction between sediment dynamics, sea level change and preservation potential, which governs the formation of the sedimentary record and potential reservoir characteristics. Geology teaching assistant in the Vesc fieldwork.

Dr. Hemmo A. Abels: Assistant professor at the Geoscience & Engineering department of TU Delft. Sedimentologist / Stratigrapher with key interests on detecting and understanding internal and external forcing processes on non-marine sedimentation in ancient rock outcrops. Geology teaching assistant in the Vesc fieldwork.